About Us

Looking for a bowls club to join? Or just want to try the game out?
At South Wingfield Bowls Club, we can accommodate players at any level of proficiency.

Novice players are more than welcome!
If you are looking for an uncomplicated and no pressure start to playing bowls, then look no further.
You can either improve into competitive bowling or just take part in a social, relaxing bowl, whilst enjoying the green and its surroundings.

We encourage young people to take up bowling
We have promising players as young as 9.

We are part of South Wingfield Social Club
This means we are lucky enough to have access to a bar, only a few yards from the Green!

Our Green is almost 100 years old
Historically, this was an important, relaxing hub for past miners and their families.

2019 Open
On Sunday 1st September 32 pairs will battle it out until there is a winner!

2019 Season
We have 11 teams competing in 6 different leagues.
8 of our teams are mixed: male and female; doubles and singles.